Gary James Presents
Rock 'n' Roll's
Unsolved Mysteries

Behind the fame, the fortune and the fans, is a world most people will never hear about.
It's a world where more often than not, the players end up paying the ultimate price.
In this series of interviews we explore some of Rock 'n' Roll's Greatest Unsolved Mysteries.

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Elvis    Elvis Presley - Is He Dead Or Alive?
Investigators and relatives share their thoughts

Fuller    Bobby Fuller - How Did He Die?
Was it an accident or a mob hit?

Morrison    Jim Morrison - Did He Fake His Own Death?
Many who were close to him say he could have

Kobain    Kurt Cobain - How Did He Die?
Police say it was suicide, his friends don't think so

Lennon    John Lennon - Why Was He Killed?
Was it a lone gunman or a conspiracy?

Hendrix    Jimi Hendrix - A Drug Related Accident?
What were the real circumstances leading up to and surrounding his death?

Holly    Buddy Holly - Foul Play or Horse Play?
Did bad weather cause his plane to crash, or was it something else?

Valens    Ritchie Valens - The Day The Music Died
His manager remembers

Jones    Brian Jones - The Death Of A Rolling Stone
Was it really an accident?

McCartney    Paul McCartney - The Death Hoax of 1969
Did the Beatles plant the clues?

Dean    James Dean - Was His Death An Accident?
What really happened on the day he died?

All interviews are copyrighted by Gary James. All rights are reserved. Used at by permission.

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