The Mysterious Death of
Buddy Holly

Buddy Holly's Death: Foul Play or Horse Play?

Thirty-one years have passed since Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper died in a plane crash. The questions surrounding that plane crash have never died. Was Buddy Holly murdered? asked a national music publication just a few months ago. For three years Bill Griggs (Editor and Publisher of Rockin' 50's magazine) examined and investigated the circumstances leading up to and including the plane crash that killed Buddy Holly. Buddy Holly's Death: Foul Play or Horse Play? Bill Griggs gives us the answers.

Q - Bill, how did you get interested in the whole issue of how Buddy Holly died?

A - I am disgusted that the same rumors crop up year after year around February 3rd. I decided to investigate this myself and put as many of those rumors to rest as I could. I think that Kevin Terry, my co-investigator and I have done this. It is now more than a year after our article was published (in Rockin' 50's magazine), and no new information, facts have come to light.

Q - Someone told you a bullet hole was discovered in the back of the pilot's seat. How do you know that the hole wasn't there before Feb. 3, 1959? And why is Jerry Dwyer (owner of the plane Buddy Holly leased) being so secretive about the wreckage of that plane he keeps locked up? What do you think he's hiding, if anything?

A - I don't know if the bullet hole was there before Feb. 3, 1959 and I'm still not sure there is a bullet hole there. No outsider to my knowledge has seen that wreckage. As for Jerry Dwyer, I did give him the opportunity to answer questions. He refused. I have no idea why his secrecy, if there is a secret at all. more

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