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What's on your mind?

Our friend and contributing editor Gary James
receives some interesting comments on his interviews.
Here are a few samples.

To have your say, Contact Gary James


I implore you to see reason. Elvis left the earth plane suddenly in 1977. Being grossly overweight, terminally ill and overdosing on prescription drugs is what took him out. His autopsy reports show that 14 powerful drugs were in his system at the time of his death. He was indeed in a fetal position in front of his toilet face down in a pool of vomit. It was silly to try to revive him when the coroner ruled that rigormortis had set in and he had been dead for several hours before being discovered by Ginger Alden. She should know,after all she was the one who checked on him when he did not return to bed. He was indeed reading a book at the time he passed. Let’s stop passing the negative rumors and gossip about the circumstances of his death because he went home to be with his beloved mother, Gladys and his twin brother, Jesse Garon. Please tell Gail Brewer Giorgio and others, to back off. Let Elvis go and respect the Presley Family’s right of privacy.

Who is Major Bill LaCarn Smith who claimes he was Elvis' Manager? Col. Tom Parker was Elvis' only Manager from the late 50s until his death in 1977. Why haven't you, Bill Smith or someone else come out with more things to prove Elvis is indeed alive? I've always been a huge Elvis but if he's really alive, then show us more. Have Elvis do a video interview and put it on youtube.

I recently went to Hawaii with my wife. I visited Lanakai beach where Elvis stayed in march 1977. i spoke to a few locals that live there and was asking if they new where the beach house was where he stayed so i can take a few photos. I met a older couple who have met elvis on the beach in 1977, and asked them if elvis faked his death, they laughed at me and said that he did at first, then changed their minds and said no. they told me even if he was, thay would never admit it, cuz he was a very good friend of theirs.

I am one of many, who figured out what Elvis did all those years ago, and certainly the efforts of Phil Aitcheson and Gail Brewer Giorgio have shed incredible, invaluable light onto a subject which I fear the "proper individual" may remain silent about until his actual death. It remains to be seen what his immediate family will do, but I must confess, I take great joy in the many times Priscilla has let the truth slip.
I am writing to see how I might obtain a complete copy of your interview with Gail Brewer Giorgio; I'm really anxious to read it, as I am a huge fan of her work, and greatly enjoy the phone conversations I have with her every so often. Thank you SO much for diving in where so few dare to; Keep up the great work

I heard the tape that major bill smith produced. Have you heard it, and do you think its Elvis Presley really talking. What's your opinion? Major Bill claims he has the only 2 photos of Elvis after his death. Is this true, and has he posted them on the internet so people can have a look and make up their own mind wheather its Elvis or not. Whats the latest on Elvis being alive, any further news on that Jesse fella claiming to be Elvis presley?

Just a short note to let you know I think that you knew when you put on your radio broadcast with Elvis about him being alive, that he had no intentions of ever coming out of hiding. Elvis loves his games and o-well I guess he can do what ever he wants to do, Lord knows he has the money to do so. I know he is not dead so your airing just to me was bogus, because he did not do any interviews for public on T.V. or on Radio after his faked death in 1977. But I do have to say if you took the static out of the interview it sounded kind of like him to me.

Heard the recording with major smith. Sounds close to elvis, almost convincing . good effort ! but not close enough.

I am a big fan of jim morrisson...grew up loving him. Do you think that story about him on a current affair being alive is really him?

I am a long time fan of Elvis Presley's and have had my doubts as to whether or not Elvis really died. There are a lot of coincidences without real answers. The one that really confuses me is that I know how patriotic Elvis was so why wasn't the American flag used on his casket? I don't believe the story of Elvis changing the spelling of his middle name to two Aa's. I remember the true story behind the spelling of his name. His mother gave it the one A because she thought it would connect him to his twin brother by removing aron from Garon. Do they think we are stupid enough to believe that as much as Elvis loved his mother that he would change the name that she had given him??? No, I know he wouldn't. I would just like to know if he is still around. I don't understand why his death certificate was sealed for 50 years from August 16, 1977... in 2027 I guess we will find out the truth if we are lucky enough to be around... There was definitely a cover up, of what I am unsure.. Maybe Elvis was going blind because he did have glaucoma in both eyes. They needed to figure out a way to make money. Colonel Parker once said that Elvis was worth more dead than alive considering he was coming to the end of his prime and almost bankrupt. He still had a child to raise.

Let me say that Me and my wife for years thought it was possible that Elvis faked his death, and after visiting graceland a couple years ago we now believe that it is more than possible. We have our own thoughts about if and why. We took alot of real good pictures in and outside of graceland, and there is alot of mystery there. However this Major Bill is a dead fish, after listening to the audio on your website we don't think that sounded like Elvis, it sounded more like someone trying to sound like Elvis. But we feel that Elvis did fake his death but we are not sure if he would still be alive today, hope so, and if he is I wish he and the FBI would come forward with it soon. You know I saw Priscilla do a live from graceland on Elvis's B-day last year and this year on the Larry King live show. Last year when she was showing and talking about Elvis 3 TV's in the basement, she said that Elvis loves watching Football in a present tense, then she corrected her self and said I mean he loved watching football in a past tense. This year she said something like and I may not be word for word but she said when asked about Elvis would be 74 this year she said 74 was just a number to him and then corrected herself again by saying I mean if he was alive today. Very strange anyway I just wanted to throw that in there, if I told you all of our thoughts about it, it would be to big of a e-mail, but thanks for reading.

The voice of 'Elvis' has an English accent and not the deep South Drawl of Elvis. How can anyone believe this nonsense?

I was surfing the Internet and was totally surprised to see this. I had figured this topic died a long time ago. Matter of a fact I was searching for Major Bill Smith to contact him about a possible song for recording. I did not know he too had died. I send my condolences to his family even though it has been a while.

The reason for my letter is this. Back in the 90's when Major Bill was going so strong about Elvis, he had a contract with a friend of mine who is now dead as well and myself to produce and market two songs we had written about Elvis. One was titled "You Made My Little Girl Cry," and the other was "Did You Have to Die To Live." Needless to say after they were recorded, before going out to the public, they were shut down. I know what he had told Nell and I, but only God knows the truth of why they were stopped.

During this time, Major Bill sent us a tape of Elvis talking and singing as well as a copy of his book about Elvis. I have listened to many imitators of Elvis, but only Elvis can say the word "badly" as Elvis did. It sure sounded like his voice speaking that one word. He also commented on that tape about President Reagan had just been shot. When that took place Elvis was recorded dead. He was singing Eddie Rabbit's "Love A Rainy Night" when he stopped and announced this. Eddie Rabbit did not record this song until after Elvis's death to my knowledge.

My final comment is this. Only God knows the truth behind Elvis death. I have always wondered about it. I could not blame Elvis if he did fake his death, that would have been the only way he could have lived. I always thought it was ironic that Elvis went on tour and then recorded the song, "Did It My Way" then he died.

So is he dead or is he not? That is the million dollar question.


Editor's Note:
Eddie Rabbitt's "I Love A Rainy Night" was a hit in early 1981. President Ronald Reagan was shot March 30th, 1981.

After viewing the tape with the Late Bill Bixby in the early ninties, and which I recorded and listened to many times, I do belive he was still alive at that time. I am an artist and am very preceptive at looking at facial features and comparing them and the features and voice of that John Burris on that tape was astonding! Also Bill Bixbys reaction at the end of the interview was very revealing as if he really enjoyed the whole scenario. They should put the tape back on the air again. Sincerely, Michele

(Elvis Siting?) Back in 1992, In London, Ontario. Approximately a 3 hour drive from Kalamazoo, Michigan. I worked at a gas station. I notice 2 men and 2 women were at the payphone. A man with shoulder length hair was using the payphone. When he turned around after getting off the phone. I saw his face and eyes. I pointed him out to my co-worker. The guy hustled to the back seat of and 80's model Lincoln. I was stunned and I didn't get the plate number. The car had Michigan plate.

For the last twenty year i belive he's live just because it don't add up. heres what i think he used a wax figure and caught a helicopter to go a safe house. plus he's running around with new idenity. you know gary, one man seen a figure in a graceland window he also said it look like elvis? one more thing, you know in 68 he was talking about how to get out music business is to die. you think i can pull it off.

This guy Smith is a fraud. He sounds like a story teller. If Elvis was alive he wouldn't be chatting to that guy who would expose him for profit. Smith is full of crap lol. Elvis is dead may he rest in peace.

this was not elvis on the radio his voice did'nt sound like elvis

Mr. James. I'd like your honest opinion on something. Do you believe that Elvis is alive and well living? also, and do you also believe Elvis will come forth on some TV talk show and tell his side of everything that took place back in 77 and what's he's been doing the last 31 years? I would really like to belive he's alive. But until we all see and hear him, I just can't belive he would have done what he did that hurt his family, friends and all his fans who still loves him so. That's 31 years worth of hurt to so many people.

I believe he's alive, I was watching an interview on the web yesterday and Elvis's first cousin who I know he spent alot of time with thought that the body in the coffin was not elvis and he believes he's alive.

If Elvis was alive someone somewhere would have exposed him.For this very reason,because the money that would be made from such a story is simply astronomical. The earth isn't big enough to hide someone like Elvis Presley. Maybe he was shot to Mars or the moon maybe then he could still be alive.

The Elvis impersonator is trying way too hard to sound like him, he over-stuttering. Please do not insult the true fans. This is really insulting, it is a scam!

I don't remember the year now, but around 1999 or 2000 Fox Network did a special on Elvis in the fall of the year. The special interviewed Jeannie C. Riley who claimed Elvis was alive and would go public for religious reasons around Christmas of that year. Another blonde lady was interviewed as well ( I cannot recall her name), claiming she was the contact for Elvis and the outside world and said the same thing as Ms. Riley. Obviously, the above did not occur. I have on more than one occasion tried to email Fox Network regarding the broadcast. I also emailed the local Fox affiliate asking about the program. No answer from either.

I was listening to the radio interview that you shared when supposably Elvis was answering a ladies questions. Do you still communicate with Elvis? Is so, could you ask him if he received the poems I wrote and left for him at Graceland and/or mailed to Graceland? I do believe Elvis is still alive and the only reason I do is because I have a picture I took while at Graceland on 6/1/2007. It was during our walk over to Meditation Garden between 7:30-8:30. No tours were going on at that time. He was peering out of the window over the pool and watching people go to his grave. He was directly at the window but standing a little ways back from it. He appeared to be well. Do you know if he is. It's ironic the same day we took that picture, Dr. Nick, his son and another gentlemen were on tour.

I believe Elvis is alive and i want to see him so bad. I believe he knows who I am and that i perform for him. i believe he has seen me perform and every time i go to tupelo to the little house or to memphis i look for him everywhere. Every time i perform i look for him. I just know he knows who i am. i want to read the rest of the interview about the book orion and the woman who wrote it. i believe her.

Gary, do you really believe Elvis is alive after all these years? He may have not died when they said he did, but by now he would be up in years. And if he did fake his death why? And why has he not come out about it years ago? And do you believe the interview with the Major was real and that was Elvis? Are they any proof that he didn't die when they said he did? Do you think Lisa Marie and Cilla known about it? So,many questions I know,but I hope you can answer some for me.

I listened to your interview and it really sounds like Elvis voice. But, dont you think after 30 years if Elvis was alive wouldn't he finally come out of hiding. Believe me or not I would be the first to want to see him alive. I wish if he was alive today that he would come out of hiding and announce it to the world. He is not getting any younger hey he is 72 now. Also, his ex Linda Thompson her mother at the wake said that Elvis did not look himself and that the body in the coffin could be a wax person. The house tour they show all the rooms except for the kitchen and the up stairs very interesting maybe he is still alive and the up stair of his home is off limits cause maybe he is up there sometimes when he is in Memphis The only way to know the truth is to exhume the body and do a DNA test and that would answer all the questions. But, no one will do it sooooo maybe he is alive.

What if Elvis were REALLY alive...and What if...he were involved with someone who knew and could prove it? Can you imagine...and no dear..its not me..ha. I wish. I have heard rumor of a lady not far from Memphis.....who is rumored to be involved....and enough so is the is rumor more than that.....her mail is being she and mystery gifts...quite often. Just thinking outloud. Tell you think...Elvis is still out there? That is something...I really want to know......then...we will go from there...and by the cant read this is not in print, and I imagine...never will be.

Regarding Buddy Holly: you are the best person in the world

Peter (Coen)'s description of how my brother (Harry Chapin) died in the car accident that claimed his life is inaccurate. Since his sole connection to Harry's story died with Harry there is no way he could be expected to know the accurate details. What I don't understand is why this ghoulish description is relevant to a piece of this kind. Maybe Peter still feels he owns Harry's story but if so he might try to get the endpiece right. He could ask some of us who know the facts instead of his somewhat colorful guess.

As for there being "no closer look at Harry" than Peter's book, that remains to be seen. A lot of us were there besides Peter Coen and he does not own Harry's story by any means.

Overall though I was grateful to read the piece and Harry would have been pleased to be so remembered.

I just got done reading the interview you conducted with Larry Buchanan and as a professionial investigator and retired law enforcement officer, I can tell you that this guy is "full of shit!" Not only does his premise suck, the facts don't even hint at these events occurring like he suggested. He's a fraud pure & simple, long & short, black & white

"Flash Jordan" a songwriter and local music personality whose fans include Sarah Ferguson (yes, the former 'Duchess of York') and members of the Bush family (as in President Bush), claims that Elvis Presley did fake his death and now lives in *****. hint: the location is in Europe.

Shortly before Flash Jordan's brother died (in 2003), he taped some new music with Elvis and a son named Roy, which she claims will be released at some date following Elvis Presley's death.

I can not verify, nor vouch for, the authenticity of any claims and assertions made concerning Elvis Presley by "Flash Jordan". But to date, her other claims and assertions have checked out as factual and correct, upon investigation.

I am still an avid Dave Clark 5 fanatic! I was messing around the internet yesterday evening and found your interview with Mr. Clark under "Dave Clark Productions". There are quite a few people like myself who are having some difficulties understanding Mr. Clark's views regarding releasing more of his musical catalogue. I had a great high school band director (1965-69) that taught me how to take care of my vinyl. Several years ago I bought a Philips CD recorder that plugs into the back of my receiver. I recorded about 7 DC5 CDs(naturally, for my own personal use). I did buy the "History" 2CD set, but was very disappointed that out of 50 cuts only 3 were in stereo. It's heartwarming to read that Mr. Clark does not live in the past. There are quite a few of us who ar not happy with the music we sometimes have to listen, but I suppose that is our problem. Still, I enjoyed your interview and got another perspective from Mr. Clark that I did not know. You did a great job!

I just bumped into your site looking for stuff on Johnny Thunder. I've been on the site for over an hour now. Thanks for taking the music and the people seriously.

this guy Major Bill Smith is a total phoney and a fraud! That is not Elvis Presley speaking. The King is dead.

I'd like to believe that Elvis is still alive, but I really don't think he is.

Why can't people just leave Elvis alone? The man is dead. Accept it.

I just want to tell you that I have read a lot of your interviews about elvis over and over because I like a lot of them however I can't help but notice that when you ask people questions they dance around your questions they really don't answear you. Such as most don't give you dates. One person has said the same thing over and over and when this spoke to the BBC news this person said elvis was a big jerk.

Any way I'm tell you all of this because you said that you have been trying to find the truth for some time. Any way I can tell you elvis did fake his death. Before I go on I just want to say I'm not crazy and I'm not telling you this because I want to be in the eyes of the public nor I'm am saying any of this for money or any other reason other then I feel people have been mislead and I think it is wrong.

I want to let you know that I have work in the med field for some time. And I have to tell you the guys that hung out with elvis just don't make sence. And that what has made me really want to look in to this.

1. one of the men said he found elvis with rigor mortis well you can not turn over a rigor mortis and do any thing with it because it takes about 72hr for rigor mortis to break.

2. No EMT is going to work on a rigor mortis body not even a doctor.

3. I have been surffing the net for some monthes just to see what I could find any way I found these int and I kept typing in names well this name came up but still not sure of the name I left it a lone for a while then I took a trip to mississippi and I met this man that had a lot of videos about elvis and one of the videos this person was giving an interview and it was the person that I foud by intl on the net.

4. This person that I'm telling you about lives in back of graceland not on graceland grounds. Any way this person that I'm telling you about got in to all kinds of trouble with EPE. Because of what this person did and saw. This person has a video.

5. I know it sound very odd because I keep using the word person. Honstely I use person because of how I found this out. I really have the name of the person. I'm sure you are having a good laugh but every thing I told you is the truth.

I really only got in to this because I heard priscilla tell a few lies out of her own mouth. And the other reason I got in to it because the med part of how every thing happend is not possable. If it came down to it I could prove what I'm telling you. I could really tell you how I did all of this but I would really have to that I could trust that you would not give me away. And I also know that this person would talk with you because this person loves to talk and this person really has a viseo and this person really got it to it with EPE for what she saw. But I also have to tell you that it may take a little to get to talk to this person because of EPE and no this person has nothing to do with EPE.

The problem is Gary. All you nay sayers want to believe Elvis was just some hill billiy,- not so. What you need to do is request info under the Freedom of Information Act?

ive been seeing things for years online that elvis may still be alive do you think that is possible

I thought you knowed Elvis and if he was alive wasnt that you I herad on the radio, and Elvis. I can solve this case but you need to give me something to work with. Or was it your voice pretending to be Elvis. I bet anything that the mans alive. Theres a movie coming out about the truth of his death. Like I said its like a puzzle and I belived I pretty much got it solved...mission accomplished