The Mysterious Death of
Brian Jones

Death of a Rolling Stone: The Brian Jones Story

That is the title of a book written on Brian Jones, the blonde-haired guitarist who is credited with starting The Rolling Stones, giving them their mane, and who died under very mysterious circumstances on July 3, 1969.

Psychotherapist, Mandy Aftel wrote a book on Brian Jones which was the culmination of some eight years of intense research, interviews, and travel. The Brian Jones Story is a fascinating account of fame, fortune, and despair. We spoke to Mandy Aftel about her book.

Q - What was the central flaw in Brian's character?

A - I don't know if I could boil it down to one, he had a lot of flaws. He was a very flawed person. But, I don't know if I look at people in that particular way. He had a lot of difficulties in that he was not successful in dealing with and resolving. If I was pressed, I'd have to say he didn't have a self. He didn't know who he was. Who he was, wasn't a good picture to him. He was looking for himself to be reflected in other opinions of himself which really bend you around the post a million times. He had an inability to delay gratification, he needed things right away. He couldn't kind of stick with something and apply some sort of discipline, which goes a long with delaying gratification. He had certain problems doing what one needs to do to become mature, and to survive, which are somewhat based on internal strength that some of us have more or less of. I think that Brian was in such an extreme situation that his lacks were very pronounced. He had the ability to fulfill all of his fantasies, to have many things go on in his life. Who knows how other people would hold up? They just aren't put in that position.

Q - Was there no one he could turn to for advice?

A - I'm not sure he could've taken it. He had some decent people in his life at different times. He wanted to please everyone, and if you want to please everyone, advice won't do you much good, 'cause you have to choose to leave certain people behind and act on what you feel is right. Brian was so confused, he couldn't listen to good advice even if he had gotten it, although I don't think he got all that much of it. more

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