Gary James' Interview With Xaviant Haze
Elvis Is Alive:
The Complete Conspiracy

Q - Xaviant, you call the book Elvis Is Alive: The Complete Conspiracy. I read the book. I'm not sure what you believe. Do you believe Elvis is alive or are you amused at people who think Elvis is alive?

A - My personal feeling is there's a 20% chance that he could have faked his own death. But I was just more interested in the man. I really didn't know anything about Elvis. What I learned about him blew my mind. To me, I think the story is great. Once you have a good story, I think everything kind of falls into place. It was something new to me and I kind of wanted to talk about all this stuff that those people believe, right? So, I thought it would be a fair thing to go over everything, every theory, and just kind of put together what some people believe on it. I don't really write books to inject my opinion. I just kind of want to tell a story and put the facts and complete all the information I can so people can judge for themselves.

Q - Do you believe the public has been told the truth about what happened at Graceland on August 16th, 1977?

A - I don't think so. There's so many weird, mysterious things that you can find if you look into it. There's a lot of stuff missing if people took the time to look into. Like Ginger Alden. Why did she call The Enquirer before she called anybody else?

Q - Good point. I was going to bring that up. I'm glad you noticed that. That's one of many unusual events that I'm going to bring up in this interview. The reason people might believe the Elvis Is Alive notion is nonsense is because of the stories circulating that Elvis was spotted at Burger King. That always seems to get a big laugh. It becomes a big joke.

A - Exactly.

Q - I had never heard of this idea that Elvis might be alive until Gail Brewer Giorgio appeared on Larry King Live! She was promoting her book. The problem with that interview was how rudely Gail was treated by Larry King. He never treated another guest like that. So, if you can't get your message out, an appearance on a show like that doesn't do you any good.

A - Yeah. That happens a lot. It sucks for him 'cause Larry King is usually pretty good. I don't understand why he would treat her like that, but at the same time she had her career off that.

Q - By interrupting her, he didn't allow her to talk. Anyway, on page 91 of your book, you write: "The most believable reason for the Elvis Lives! myths has nothing to do with the facts." Actually, it has everything to do with the facts that I've discovered. I've been looking into the Is Elvis Alive? issue for twenty-seven years.

A - Wow! !

Q - I've talked to people on both sides of this issue. I've talked to Gail Brewer Giorgio. I've talked to Phil Aitcheson. I've talked to Larry Geller. I've talked to Sonny West. I've talked to Jerry Schilling. I've talked to Billy Stanley. I've talked to Linda Hood Sigmon.

A - Oh, man. She hates me. (laughs) On, my God, you should see the endless amount of e-mails she sent. (laughs)

Q - Did you ever talk to her?

A - Yeah. I was nice with her. She doesn't like it that I said something about one of the researchers in the book. I can't remember (who). But she doesn't like me.

Q - I was the first person to interview her in the world. I found her to be a very nice lady.

A - I don't really have a problem with her, it's just that you can't be taken serious when all you have is one picture.

Q - She has a lot more than that, that she offers on her website. She's got handwriting documents that have been authenticated by handwriting experts as being written by Elvis. She's received letters from Elvis, who she refers to as Jesse.

A - Right. (laughs) You're gonna tell me you're the only person in the world that this guy is communicating with? I mean, c'mon.

Q - Page 152 of your book, "Yes, Elvis your wax double sure did look good in that casket." Let's talk about the was dummy theory. What I'm about to read you is from an Ann Landers column back on October 23rd, 1988. A reader from Stanford, Connecticut writes: "I attended his (Elvis') funeral and lingered at the casket for quite awhile before the guards made me move on. Elvis was not in that casket. It was a wax dummy. I stood very close and had the opportunity to look at him for a long time. I would bet my life on it." I did an interview with Elvis tribute artist Sammy Stone Atchison. He told me, "David Lloyd, who is the son of Harold Lloyd, Elvis' first cousin, told him, Sammy, "When you see the white hearse tomorrow, Elvis won't be in there. It's a wax dummy."

A - What?

Q - I interviewed Phil Aitcheson, who spent fifteen years and $15,000 of his own money investigating the whole Is Elvis Alive? issue. He came to the conclusion that Elvis did fake his death and is very much alive. He interviewed a sheriff who was at the closing of the Underground Museum in Atlanta, Georgia. This sheriff told him Vernon Presley, Elvis' father, and a couple of other guys bought a wax dummy of Elvis. As he was leaving Vernon remarked to a guy from the museum, "Wait 'til you see what we're going to do with this."

A - (laughs)

Q - And then we have singer Tanya Tucker, who was at the viewing of Elvis' body at Graceland, say on national TV that it wasn't Elvis in coffin. If everything I just told you was included in your book, it would be more convincing to people that something was going on, wouldn't you think?

A - Yeah. I remember hearing about Tanya Tucker. I might have learned that afterwards.

Q - Then, Phil Aitcheson of The Presley Commission told me about the paramedics who arrived at Graceland on August 16th, 1977. Ulysses Jones, one of the paramedics said it wasn't Elvis on the floor. He knew Elvis all his life and it didn't look like him. Jones and his partner, Charlie Crosby, went back to their firehouse and told the Captain, their supervisor, it wasn't Elvis. They knew were knocking and shaking. They were told not to repeat what they saw. Charlie Crosby didn't take the advice. He was murdered. He was pushed out of an airplane.

A - Whoa! Really?

Q - That is something you rarely hear about, but I'm including it in this interview.

A - Nice. I do my best. It's all new to me. I tried to get as much as I could. But then of course a lot of stuff I was informed of later when more people started coming to me and saying, "Do you know this?"

Q - Phil Aitcheson also said, "Even if it was Elvis on the floor, it didn't mean he was dead. He was capable of putting himself into a deep trance where he could lower his heart rate and blood pressure."

A - I heard that one because I had like a Secret Service, C.I.A. guy harass me for awhile, trying to tell me Elvis was a martial arts expert and he could slow his heart rate down. I kind of heard that one before a little bit from that guy. I think at the time of his death he was so overweight and out of shape, it wouldn't have mattered.

Q - Again referring to Phil Aitcheson, "We have two aides of Elvis stating that another cadaver was placed in the bathroom prior to Ginger Alden waking up and moving toward the bathroom to get ready." Have you heard about another body being placed in the bathroom that day?

A - Not at all.

Q - On page 77 of your book you ask, "How was the Presley family able to find a 900 pound coffin so fast?" I may have an answer for you. Once again let me quote from the Ann Landers column of October 23rd, 1988, a reader from Henderson, Kentucky wrote in and said, "My uncle works in a place that manufactures coffins. The elaborate coffin that Elvis was buried in can be obtained only by special order because it takes a long time to construct. Elvis' coffin was ordered several weeks in advance, which proves that his death was planned long before the public was told that he died." Have you heard that before?

A - I didn't hear that specifically, but it would make sense that a casket that intricate couldn't be done in twenty-four hours.

Q - Did you talk to Detective Monte Wayne Nicholson?

A - I didn't specifically talk to him, but I read what he had to say.

Q - He told me if you run Elvis' social security number, it doesn't come back "Deceased", it comes back "Retired."

A - What? Wow!

Q - That's right. He also said Elvis' driver's licence was never cancelled. And someone is using Elvis' credit card to run up charges across the U.S. It's not against the law because the charges are being paid, but it does raise the question; Who is using Elvis Presley's credit card?

A - (laughs) That's a good question.

Q - I realize I'm doing all the talking here.

A - That's alright. You're teaching me.

Q - Elvis was appointed as the first Federal Agent At Large in the history of of the U.S. government. You know that, right?

A - Right.

Q - He was appointed to the Denver Police as a Lieutenant working a task force investigation on organized crime activities during the mid-'70s.

A - That's crazy.

Q - There was a DNA testing of two samples of Elvis' tissue done in 1998, a 1975 liver biopsy done on Elvis to check for hepatitis, which his mother suffered from, and the other was an autopsy sample. They did not match. I believe that's from Bill Beaney. Did you talk to him?

A - I talked about him in the book.

Q - Then you have Elvis' nurse, Marion Cocke, who was at Graceland on August 16th, 1977. She saw Elvis alive in the trophy room later in the day.

A - No way! Same day?

Q - Same day. Unbelievable isn't it?

A - Yeah. It's crazy.

Q - Xaviant, this is just a sampling of the material that's out there. I could go on and on and on. You call the book The Elvis Conspiracy. Why?

A - Okay, here's my take on the title, Elvis Is Alive: The Complete Conspiracy. I got so many people pissed at me because of the title. I'm like if it goes over your head, I'm sorry. How i explain it is this, 'cause it's what the book meant to me as well. I'm discovering Elvis, so I basically wanted to put together something that is sort of like a biography as well. If you didn't know anything about Elvis, I wanted this book to be the one that's going to want you to learn about this guy, right? So to me, Elvis is alive because of his spirit in the music, his art. He's so amazing. I had no idea. It was all news to me. It was unbelievable. I came from the Hip-Hop culture where Elvis was hooked on Black music. So, learning all this was fantastic to me. Elvis Is Alive is a play on words. Elvis is alive in spirit. The sub-title is The Complete Conspiracy because all the stuff people believe about Elvis, right? So, I wanted to be able to tell a little biography and at the same time touch each conspiracy that I could and see if I could debunk it or just write about it basically according to the facts that I could find. I believe there's a 20% chance he faked his death. I would love if he did do that. That's amazing. That's some Elvis shit. Who else could go to The White house any time he wanted and hang out with The President, you know?

Q - Not too many people.

A - Exactly. Like no one. Definitely no one now. To me it was important that this guy and it touched me a lot 'cause I learned about his spiritual side and all the metaphysical books. I read all that. I was into all this. To learn that this guy was reading this stuff too was "whoaa!" It blew my mind. It was great. I hope that comes through in the book and I hope that people will learn more. I know there are a lot of experts and a lot of people love Elvis. The range is ridiculous. My friend's mother visiting from California, I gave her a copy and she's 85 and she loved it. I'm just like, "Wow!" So, it's a testimonial to Elvis and all of the conspiracy stuff. Everything there is. I wanted to compile it and have my little take on it. The truth is, I don't know. Nobody knows unless you know, I guess. One guy is mad at me 'cause he's been telling me Elvis is alive and living down in Louisiana. Someone else is mad at me because he's up in Michigan. He was hanging out with Mohammed Ali and there was a picture taken, after the fact, right? So, I think it's great. Unless he comes to hang out with me, and even if he did how could you know that's for sure Elvis? You'd have to have been there in the time like when he was around to really have a true sense of who that guy was.

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