Gary James' Interview With Spiritual Medium
Stacey Lynn

As a Spritual Medium, Stacey Llynn has made contact with some of the biggest names in the music business that are no longer with us. We're talking Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, Davy Jones of The Monkees, Nat 'King' Cole, and the list goes on and on.

How does she do it? That's what we wanted to find out.

Q - Stacey, this gift of yours of being able to connect with people who have passed, is this something everyone has the ability to do, but just didn't realize?

A - From what I've learned and through my developments we all have this gift. It's the gift of the Holy Spirit. We all have access to this gift. It's God-given. I almost died when I was born. So, I had a near death experience when I was a baby and wasn't supposed to live but a mere two hours. My mom went to the chapel and prayed and Jesus came to her and said, "She will live." They called me special when I was younger. I was very open spiritually. I would say things beyond my age and my time. I was just treated very special because I was a miracle. I wasn't supposed to have lived through the night. I was in the hospital for six months after I was born. I had a lot of organ failure and I lived. From that moment, it really started happening for me when my loved ones started passing away and they would come to me in my dreams on a regular basis. I really thought it was normal. I absolutely thought it was very normal. My really good friend, who passed in her twenties, would come through and bring me messages and evidence of her car accident. My grandmother and grandfather passed. Just facts. Lots of facts that I didn't know that I would share with my family and friends and it would be validated. So, it started happening more, so in my twenties when I started to experience passing of loved ones. I thought it was normal. One day I shared something with my mother about my grandmother coming through. I said, "Mom, doesn't Grandma come to you?" And she said, "No, not ever." (laughs)

Q - How does the whole process work when you contact someone from Beyond? Do you go into a darkened room and call out their name? You don't use a Ouija board, do you?

A - No, no. The tool for this is meditation. The Holy Spirit, the Gift of Spirit and many, many traditions is called so many names. We all have it. It could happen as you're driving a car and you're just like in a meditative state and you can connect with spirits. They can pop in memory. They can pop in their name, a message. You feel it in your body. You can get chills, goose bumps and tingling. They can bring signs to you as well, especially when they are around you. Our spirit lives on. So many people will experience the Gift of Spirit in this lifetime. It might happen at the end of their life. It may not happen in the middle of their life or in their younger life, but we all have access to it. And the tool for that is meditation because it heightens our senses. It opens us up spiritually. We have to be in our spirit in order to connect with spirits. We're all spirits first and have human experience here, not the other way around. So, when we can get into that higher vibration of peace and love, they're already in peace and love in the Heavens, they can connect with us and that vibration.

Q - Do the spirits ever talk to you about something that might happen to you in the future or future world events?

A - Yes. So, they can come through when I'm giving special readings to their loved ones. They can share something that's going on in their life and share something they want them to be aware of. So, it's all love and guidance. A lot of evidence when I give spiritual readings and that's where the healing comes in. So, they can come through in and say things that are very pertinent to what's going on in their life right now. I'd have spirits wake me up in the middle of the night and say, "You need to reach out to this person. They're about to lose their job." So, things like that do happen.

Q - That would've been someone you gave a reading to?

A - Yes. Someone I'd given a spiritual reading to and their mother came to me in the middle of the night. Whenever there's high need that spirit is going to connect with me. Once I get a spiritual reading and I have the spiritual links, they still are linked with me in my spiritual energy. So they will come through and say, "Call this person," and it's always very evidential. It's always very spot on. It's always very factual when they come through and bring this evidence and with that comes a lot of healing. People don't realize that their loved ones are very much around them, loving them, guiding them still with signs. We just don't have the wonder and awareness of it, but it's happening all the time.

Q - Do spirits tend to congregate around electro-magnetic fields, like a TV?

A - So, if they interfere with that energy; spiritual energy is very strong. They can shut down a computer. They can shut down your phone. I remember one day when my friend's neighbor's daughter passed away. She was around me all day long. She was nine years old and my phone wasn't working all day long. The family called me that night at eight o'clock and asked me to connect them with their daughter and I did. So, spiritual energy can interfere. Lights can flicker. Computers don't work. Phones don't work. Their energy is very strong.

Q - You have connected with Elvis and John Lennon, correct?

A - Yes, that is correct.

Q - How do you know that you're really connecting with the spirit of Elvis and John Lennon? Do they say something to you?

A - Yes. Let me share it with you if it's okay.

Q - Go right ahead.

A - My Dad was an Elvis impersonator in the '70s and '80s. He had the jumpsuits. He was an amazing singer. He would record in our house. We had Elvis going on in our house six days a week. My parents would entertain on the weekends. My dad would sing. He would sing at weddings and at this place right down the street from our house. I would sing back-up on some occasions with him. (laughs) So, Elvis was very strong in our life in terms of his music and his movies. My dad always went to his concerts with my mother. My father passed about five years ago. In one meditation he brought Elvis in the meditation and introduced me to him and Elvis started to connect with me on a regular basis through meditation and outside of meditation. He'd bring me signs constantly. He would play his music when I'd wake up in the morning. He would always play the songs "All Shook Up" and "Bless My Soul" and it would wake me up in the morning. I would go in my car and as soon as I would get in my car and start my car, his music would be playing somewhere on XM. So, he was around me quite a bit, communicating with me and he came though to me about two years ago, in July (2015) and said that he was going to connect me with his wife Priscilla. I know just from my development that when a spirit comes through and says that they're going to connect you, you let them do the work. You say okay, I'll be happy to help you and bring you through spiritually and bring you messages, but you have to put it back on them. So, I did that. I told Elvis I'd be happy to help you. Like I said, he was bringing signs galore. One day my mom was in town and went into this Bass Pro Shop and there was this huge Bernie Smelten dog and Elvis would be coming to me on a regular basis. We asked what the dog's name was and he said "Elvis." So, it's just those moments when you get chills. You know he's really working hard to make sure that this connection is here.

Q - Well now Stacey, I've been interviewing people for the last few years who've been telling me Elvis is very much alive and that he faked his death. So, Elvis can't be both alive and dead. Which is it?

A - He's a spirit. People can see his spirit which sometimes can feel like it's very real. When I opened in 2011, all my senses opened, all my inner senses through meditation and I saw my grandfather and my uncle up there on the platform. I could see them. They were in clothes. They were a hologram. I could see through them. It was a very startling experience, but all I felt from them at that moment was they're still here, loving and guiding me. Elvis, for those who are spiritually open, a lot of artists are very often because they are downloading lyrics all the time and they could see spirit some times, when their energy is really strong, they're opening up spiritually. It can open. The veil can drop. God drops the veil and you can see spirit. What I feel from that is very much that Elvis has been around visiting, and people can see him.

Q - You're saying Elvis died and you connect with his spirit.

A - Yes. He's in the heavens with his mother, (his father) Vernon, and (twin brother) Jesse. But they can be here. The veil is very thin between here and Heaven. They can visit and they can be here.

Q - I don't think Elvis as a spirit can do what people are saying he did, waving at them in a car, calling radio stations all over the world.

A - (laughs)

Q - In the case of John Lennon, when you connect with him, does he ask who did this to him and why?

A - No, because he knows everything. They're in the all knowingness in Heaven and when you go to Heaven you have a life review and you see what happens in your life. You look at all your choices in life and you see how you could have done them differently. In Heaven that's the knowingness. That's the Spiritual Oneness. So, they know a lot more than we do here actually. (laughs) In terms of John Lennon, he connected with me when I was learning Transcendental Meditation, TM. A friend of mine wanted to train me in this because I'm a Spiritual Medium and I am always connected with Spirit. She wanted to see if I could focus on the mantra and not connected with Spirit in the chant format. I was being trained over a couple of days and as I went into training through meditation with the mantra, the Mahareshi came and he brought chant to the United States. I saw him in Spirit and he spoke to me. He showed me these yellow carnations and daffodils he had when he would meditate. Evidential information. Next to him was John Lennon. John Lennon appeared right next to Mahareshi and he had his glasses on and his hair was at his shoulders and he said, "I never called her by name. I called her mother." He gave me the name of his son, Julian. When my trainer came back in and I shared this with her she was shocked. She said, "You don't know, do you?" And I said, "No, I don't." She said, "Maharashi trained The Beatles in Transcendetal Meditation. There's always been this saying that either Maharashi formed The Beatles or The Beatles formed Maharashi's work." So, they actually come together. When he does connect, he actually says "Old friend" to me. He connected about a week ago. I have these connections because growing up in a house with a singer and an entertainer, it's a likeness. They can come very close to me and my energy because I'm very familiar with that spiritual entertainment aspect I guess you could say. (laughs)

Q - Could you take your gift and help solve unsolved mysteries like who killed Jon Benet Ramsey? Or who killed Natalie Holloway? Or who killed Bobby Fuller? Or what happened to Marilyn Monroe? You could do that, couldn't you?

A - I worked on a couple of cases early on a couple of years ago and I was very much guided that that's not my work. I worked on a couple of missing children cases. One out of Michigan. One out of Ohio, and I just realized that although I received so much, it shook me a little bit, so I was very much guided that this was not my work in terms of the special gift. There are spiritual mediums out there that are detectives, mediums that work on these cases. I know one or two of them. My work was very much guided on and it opened up very strongly in 2011 that I was here to work with children's spirits and I worked with a number of families and still do from St. Jude Hospital. My father actually knew Danny Thomas. He worked with Danny Thomas. He did a lot of photography for St. Jude Hospital. So, it's all connected. That became very evidential in the beginning because families were calling me, families just hearing about me by word of mouth. It was before my website was up and I started doing a lot of work with families, children and spirits. It was extremely healing and beautiful and evidential in terms of them coming through and bringing through their names and the loved ones they were with on the other side and all this evidence about them that they were okay. Very, very healing.

Q - You connected with Michael Jackson?

A - Yes.

Q - Did he tell you what happened to him?

A - He talked about how he passed.

Q - He did?

A - Yes. That's some evidence they do bring through in the spiritual connection and the spiritual reading. He talked about how he had a lot of pain in his body over the years and he met this doctor and started to take this "treatment", is what he called it. What I received from Michael is that he is easily influenced, Michael was. Upon that, influencing him, it felt good in his body. The pain went away. He was, at that time, working on his tour, the comeback tour. He was working hours and hours and hours, practicing and he had quite a bit of pain in his body and it felt like they were elevating that treatment. As you know, these drugs can take a hold of your body and can shut down your body.

Q - Would someone like Michael Jackson or Elvis or John Lennon be sad or mad that they're not physically alive or are they accepting of what happened to them?

A - Very accepting. They of course have things that they share. I know that when Whitney Houston first contacted me, she was the first entertainer that connected me with a loved one of hers. She was the first one and many followed after her. She came through and talked about how lonely she was on the road and drugs helped her not be so lonely in these hotels. Of course she had regrets in terms of over-indulging. What's amazing about Whitney is that she's very persistent and when she started to connect with me back in 2013 I had just seen a one year anniversary of her passing on Oprah and saw her mother there. That night she came to me in my dreams and woke me up the next morning and she played her music everywhere I went. It didn't matter if I was going into a Dunkin' Donuts or grocery store or in my car. She was playing her music on a regular basis. She was coming through my meditations. In fact, my grandmother brought her to me, "I would like for you to connect with my producer." I said, "Okay. How are we going to do this?" She said, "This is how," and she gave me the name of the personal assistant of her producer. She said, "I want you to call her at 3 o'clock and she will answer." And so I did. It was the first time an entertainer had set me up in this way to bring messages. This woman answered the phone. I shared with her who I was and that Whitney had come through and given me her name, which was a very unusual name. She shared with me that that year she came into work and on her chair was an international tour fan. It just appeared out of nowhere on her chair and she felt Whitney right away. That was very much a validation sign from Whitney. I shared with her that Whitney had some messages and I was able to bring those messages to her producer because she didn't have a chance to say goodbye. That's another reason why they come through, because their lives end tragically sometimes and they do not have a chance to say thank-you, to say good-bye. She was able to bring through quite a bit of evidence.

Q - And Bobbi Kristina, her daughter?

A - Yes. That's another situation that happened. We were in Florida, vacationing with our families. We rented a house there. She was coming to me constantly. She asked me to go home and go back to the guest house and there was evidence of her there and she needed help. So, I went back to the guest house and sure enough, she said, "Move those books," and I did and there's a magazine with her face on the cover in this guest house. I went into meditation and she said Bobbi Kristina was not responding and I was able to connect with Bobbi Kristina at that time. I was able to help them connect.

Q - Bobbi Kristina never told you about the circumstances of her death?

A - Well, Whitney shared how she passed. In terms of Bobbi Kristina, she just wanted to be with her mother. It was very evident when I went into meditation with Whitney that she wanted to be with her mother. It was very hard for her to live without her mother's love here. Very, very difficult. Whitney was very strong for her daughter in that sense in spirit. She knew it was her daughter's time. She went into Heaven and went with Whitney and Whitney was right there with her. They get to choose what they bring through. So, I'll share that I'm open spiritually to receive from them. They got to choose how they bring the information and what they bring. So, I might hold an intention in my heart in the spiritual reading or share with me about your passing. Share with me your hobbies, people who you're with over there, who you want to say hello to here. Share with me all those things so I can bring evidence with healing for your loved ones and that's exactly what they do. What they bring is very much for the person who is on the other side receiving it who I'm giving the reading to. It's very intimate information as well. Prince connected with me from the day of his passing and I'll say that he was extremely evidential in bringing signs on a regular basis. He was very strong, one of the strongest I'll say. I feel it was because he was very open spiritually here.

Q - You talk with Frank Sinatra? What would he talk about?

A - So, Frank Sinatra met my father. My father knew the Rat Pack and would go to Hollywood and would go to parties there. Frank Sinatra came to me and mentioned Old Blue Eyes and played my favorite song, "That's Life", and he actually connected me to Danny Thomas in the meditation. When Frank came through he showed a memory of where I was when he passed. I was at a wedding in Virginia and he shared that. He mentioned Nancy and family members and then it started getting stronger when they start bringing that type of evidence and they open up more. He brought me Danny Thomas. What was so amazing about that was that Frank and Danny were very close. When Danny came through with Frank he said his daughter was coming to Chicago in a couple of weeks and I'd like you to go out and meet her and share with her this photo of your dad and I and also share with her some messages. And sure enough, I looked it up and she was coming within three weeks and I went out and met her.

Q - And you met...

A - Marlo.

Q - Did you have to go through a publicist to meet her?

A - No. Danny shared with me that she was coming out for a talk. He said look up TV Academy. I went to the computer and looked it up and she was coming here to do a talk at the TV Academy in Chicago. It was a luncheon at, I think it was the Lee Club in Chicago. She had her book It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over, and so I got to meet her and share a photo of her father and my father. She was very excited to see this and I got to give her some messages from her father.

Q - What was the expression on her face when you gave her the message?

A - I shared one or two with her and wrote the rest down and she grabbed my hand and squeezed it and said, "I'm going to read this on the plane."

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