Gary James' Interview With Elvis Impersonator
Larry "Big El" Seth

On June 14th 1978, I had the opportunity to interview Larry Seth, or "Big El" as he was known, after a concert appearance at the Civic Center in downtown Syracuse, N.Y. This guy was a dead-ringer for Elvis. He had his onstage mannerisms down pat. I remember so well that after the concert, as I was asking Larry Seth questions, a woman came up to him, opened her blouse and asked him to sign his name across her chest. Larry Seth said "Now I know why Elvis sang All Shook Up."

Q - How many concerts do you give in a year?

A - I work seven days a week, sometimes two shows a day. This year I'll probably be doing six hundred shows, with a two week vacation.

Q - What about Elvis appealed to you so much that you would dedicate your life to him?

A - He was a very down-to-earth person. He cared about people like you and me.

Q - How many times did you see Elvis in concert?

A - Six times.

Q - Why do you think you've made a bigger impact on people in a shorter period of time than Alan and Dennis Colt?

A - Because I'm sincere. My show is a true tribute and that sincerity probably comes out more than the other two gentlemen.

Q - Do you wear disguises when you're offstage?

A - No.

Q - What kind of fan mail do you get?

A - Mushy stuff.

Q - Is it true you were offered $35,000 by a magazine to pose in a coffin so they could say they got the exclusive picture of Elvis?

A - Some people have sick minds. I wouldn't do that.

Q - Do you have a record out?

A - Yes, I do. On it are two originals, "Alabama Spring" and "I Love Because".

Q - Will there ever be another Elvis?

A - No. A man like him comes along once in a life time.

Q - Will the public ever tire of hearing about Elvis Presley?

A - Never!

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