Gary James' Interview With Neal Smith Of
Flying Tiger

One of the more promising groups on the Rock horizon today is Flying Tiger. They've been together only 2 years and already have made quite a name for themselves in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut market places. Tiger members Paul Roy and David Stackman previously perfomed with The Shadows Of Knight. Dennis Dunaway is currently in the process of negotiatiting a record deal. Drummer Neal Smith spoke with us.

Q - Are drums the most difficult intstument to play in a group?

A - I've been playing so long that it's easy for me. That's an interesting question. I don't know. No one's asked me that before.

Q - When you started out, did you ever believe you would be able to make a career out of music?

A - I never doubted anything. I had tremendous faith and drive. When I'm onstage and The Flying Tigers are onstage, something happens between myself and the audience.

Q - What makes a Super Group?

A - Great musicans, great songwriters and great performances.

Q - Who are your favorite groups?

A - I like English Rock groups, but my three favorites American groups are Cheap Trick, The Doors, and The Beach Boys.

Q - Where do you call home these days?

A - Westport, Connecticut. Dennis, Paul and David all live within 15 to 20 minutes from me in Stanford.

Q - Who came up with the group's name?

A - It was a mutual agreement. We liked Tiger, but it sounded a little cold. We wanted something that sounded powerful and had a hero overtone to it.

Q - Who have you shared the bill with?

A - Joe Perry Project, Nantucket, Styx, The Police, Edgar Winter. David Johanson, The Ramones.

Q - Who's handling the group's business?

A - I do some of it, but we are being booked by Stagecoach Management of Westport and Atlantis Management.

Q - How do you stay so healthy?

A - I jog. I never liked drugs and I don't drink hard liquor. I'm 32 years old and I'm playing faster than when I was 19.

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