Is Jim Morrison Alive?
David Logan Says Yes!

Could it be that Jim Morrison is alive, that he faked his death? David Logan says yes! He's got quite a story to tell.

Q - David, how do I refer to you in this interview? Are you Jim Morrison's right-hand man?

A - I would say you could do that because he called me his best friend. I don't really call him my best friend back. I have three or four of those, but he has no friends. I don't know if he likes it that way, but he's kind of selective and that whole group is different from his wife on down. Early on, back in 1998, this is quite a story and it's quite a story for me. My whole life has really been exceptional, Gary. I was born into the Western world. My Dad did the first televised rodeo with Roy Rogers. His career just shot from there. He did Madison Square Garden ten times by himself. His best friend was Paul Harvey. So, I am in that circle of people. I've talked to Burl Ives and Reba McEntire as a kid. We'd run to the phone and see who could answer the phone. What I turned into was a regular lumberjack and construction worker. Years went by and I was always hoping to get into some sort of film making and then buddied up with this little hillbilly and it just really went wrong. I had a bad gut feeling when I was talking to Jimbo (Jim Morrison) at the steps of his ranch up there and I mentioned my partner and my butterflies just flipped. I shouldn't have went that route, but I did. This boy is illiterate even though he survived in Eastern Oregon on a tiny little newspaper running around selling pictures. Running over to the ranchers. He did that for years and operated pretty poorly. When I got together with him in Southern Oregon, I thought, well, you do what you want. He was interested in rodeo. I wasn't. I never really have been. That was my Dad's mainstay. My Dad worked in the movies. Even way back in the '50s and '60s, the one with Marilyn Monroe. He's been on Daniel Boone and Gunsmoke, just bit parts, but a couple of other decent parts. His last film was with Steve McQueen. I'm trying to think of the name of that one.

Q - Is he still alive?

A - No. He's been gone for about twenty-three years. An honorary Texas Ranger. Just an upper echelon people so to speak. He didn't have a lot of friends either, but the ones he had were real and real serious type of people. So, he communicates with Harvey over the years. I've met him and flown with him and my Dad flew him a place or two. So, I had a little bit of background. It was the oddest thing. I had hoped and prayed a long time ago that I could get into this industry in a good way. Many years went by and I did my little wild thing. Just a lumberjack. I don't mean to put it too stupidly, but yeah, it's what we did. I've done other things, but it was pretty much hands on. I had a little bit of medical training. I was going to be a medical monitor clerk and did pretty well there. So anyway, I've got a little friend that I work with. We've worked together and always had a lot of fun. We never listened to music. We'd always be talking and joking on the way to work. So, when we weren't working together, he started listening to Jim Morrison. He's a lumberjack and he's like fifty-two and he started listening to The Doors. I'd pull up to the place and he'd be sitting in his pick-up, listening to The Doors and maybe drinking a Budweiser. I just thought he's losing it. I just turned around and left. I ran into Gerald (Pitts) and evidently Jimbo was at this Junior Rodeo we did. So, Gerald is out of the picture, my friend Billy, the lumberjack all of a sudden for a year is running around asking everybody about Jim Morrison and I thought it was the weirdest thing and just was out of character for him. He was really remorseful over his death. In the meantime Billy had a little ranch he's working and taking hay up to the mountain to these people. He just figured they were Californians. In the meantime he's talking about Jim Morrison now and then. Well, the day Billy pulls up there after a year of pulling up there faithfully, making sure they had hay for their horses, and Billy jumps out of the old Dodge and starts talking about Jim Morrison. This guy had been watching him. I can't believe he died. I can't remember exactly what Jimbo told me, but a lot of times the first time they tell you something, that's the way it was. So Billy said, "I just can't believe he died." Jimbo said, "I don't really want to shake up your world, but he didn't die. I am Jim Morrison." Anyway, Billy runs over to his wife and said, "Did you hear what he just said?" She just walked away. So, Billy calls me. I'd been in Dallas, Texas. Billy said, "Do you want to help me go deliver this hay? I'll pay you thirty bucks. The guys says he's Jim Morrison." All like that. In my mind, I see this little cowboy on the left side of my brain and I'm thinking this is really interesting 'cause you've just been going off on this for about a year. So, I said, "Yeah, I'll go help you." We went up to the mountain and I see a little hippie standing there and I think, that's not Jim Morrison. I figure that's some helper he had. We pull up and he backed the truck in. I jumped out and go around the front and come around the back side. Billy went the other way and I hear him over there talking on the other side of the truck. When I came around there is this rugged, good-looking guy. He introduced himself as Jim and I was really impressed then. I thought if this guy is lying, he's sure an interesting fella to be lying. Just as sincere and nice as could be.

Q - When you agreed to talk to me, did you have to get Jim Morrison's approval?

A - No. It's hard to get in touch with him. They (Jim and his wife) are kind of sociopathic in a way. I can call there and sometimes I'll get an answer and sometimes I don't. But I'm always welcome. "Come on down." After awhile things weren't working very well with Gerald and Jimbo said, "You're my agent. You're my representative." And that's how I look at this. I don't need permission. Even if I'm face to face with this man right now. I don't need permission because I'm gonna handle it proper. I'm going to do the very best I can. There's some things I don't know. They had some big, tall pines by their house and I can take down trees. I told my partner Gerald in this so-called motion picture company called Rodeo West, I said, "Have you ever heard of Jim Morrison?" He couldn't recall that. I named a couple of songs and he said, "Oh, yeah. I think I've heard that." So, when we went up to these trees, me and Billy, I took Gerald with me. He's got an old time camera and he filmed some of that. So, that's kind of how that got started.

Q - I remember when the story broke that Jim Morrison was alive. It should have been a big story, but it was all but ignored.

A - Right.

Q - Everybody thought it was a fake story.

A - Yes, thet did. There's a reason for that. We didn't really have all the proper tools that we needed.

Q - When this man introduced himself as Jim Morrison, did you pretty much take him for his word? Did you ever ask for proof?

A - There was just something about him and I went up there and lived for a year. He said, "We need a wrangler. Would you come up and do that for me?" I was raised around horses. I'm not crazy about them. I was divorced and living out of a motel and I put it off for as long as I could. They're eighteen miles up in the sticks. Then when I went up there I pretty much stayed up there. He never even went into town. Maybe four or five times in a year. But we talked and talked and talked and that boy can just talk and talk and talk. It's unbelievable. So, I was scrutinizing everything that I could and I was looking at the young Jim pictures. Everything fit. One night at the dinner table we were eating and I saw his teeth and I immediately knew those were the same teeth Jim Morrison had. So, that was kind of a tickle for me. And then just living with him and playing the guitar for him and watching him sing and his mannerisms and the old stories. I did do some reading long ago about Jim Morrison and the spiral fracture in his leg and just different things. He does have one leg that's just a little bit shorter than the other from the spiral fracture. His wife being a pediatric surgeon who ran a hospital over there in Hawaii. So, I'm thinking he's got some pretty good credentials here. I don't know if I've ever really put that to him. He did willingly give me his prints. I sent 'em to one of the head Texas Rangers, which really caused a big fuss with his wife. She just flopped on the bed and started bawling. I just took a walk and when I came back he wasn't very happy. You can understand that.

Q - David, what is so hard to understand here is, if you go and spend the money and time to fake your death, why then would a person say "I'm Jim Morrison."?

A - Exactly.

Q - It doesn't make any sense.

A - I can understand that. Jimbo always liked cowboys and this is one of the reasons I can think of is the fact he likes to identify with cowboys. He looks really good when he dresses up. So, before we showed up, up there Billy Wilson is going through this year of trauma over Jim Morrison, a good friend of mine. Then about two or three months before we showed up, he had an orange monster truck up there in the mountains. Him and his boy hadn't fired it up in two or three months. They jump in, turn it on and there's Paul Harvey giving a eulogy for my my Dad, saying that he was the greatest cowboy he ever knew. Well, when Jimbo found out I was the kid, I guess something excited him and he has kept this as a trump in his sleeve for all these years. I know that he has told some people and all of his kids know who he is, but he didn't really talk it around. There may be some things that happened way back even after the death, which has got me thinking. I don't know if you've seen it, but I've see two videos of Pamala Courson (Jim Morrison's girlfriend), saying that Jim Morrison was alive. I watched those in the early '70s.

Q - Were you a fan of Jim Morrison?

A - I was pretty much of fan of his. I didn't like all of The Doors' music. I've gotten now where I can say I like most of it, but I was pretty particular about that, especially since my Dad was in the business. I tried singing and had been in some bands and it's all about perfection. I was raised in the Western realm, so I wasn't about screaming and yelling. But they did some great work. One thing, I don't know if you know this, but it was reported in the Paris airport. I don't know if you ever heard that.

Q - I've never heard that.

A - Okay, that was reported in the '70s. But I did see Pamala Courson on TV say Jim was alive. I've seen it twice. To the day I die, I know what I saw.

Q - She didn't give a lot, if any interviews.

A - She didn't give a lot of interviews. There was a big struggle over the money and I think they had planned this. I think he was planning on getting out of the whole thing. He told me they were killing him. Of course if you have an addictive nature you're gonna have about anything you want when you're in that crowd. He liked alcohol over all this other crap, all this talk about being a drug addict. He'd rather sit up there on the roof with a bottle. People may not want to believe that, but that's kind of the bottom line. He's tried a lot of things. I'm not sure he's any better, but it's a good thing he has a good wife.

Q - What does Jim do with himself all day? Any idea? Or, no idea at all?

A - Absolutely nothing. He put in a pool. I was there when they were building it just a few years ago. He does the pool. He walks the dog. They go over to California to get medicine. They spend a little time at a lake up there. Occasionally out of Vegas they go down to that other lake and go fishing. They have a boat. But he's tremendously bored and tremendously trapped, but I've put some good things before him and he'll say, "Go ahead and do that," and then when I get the big ones in front of him he doesn't want them. And it's like, c'mon now. Where are we going with this? I do believe I have the privilege to say or do anything I want because we have been that tight. All this talk of agents that fire, but I do have signed legal documents with this man.

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