Gary James' Interview With
Bryan Adams

Twenty-two year old Bryan Adams is getting a lot of press these days (1982). Recording for A&M Records and most recently opening for The Kinks on their latest tour, Bryan Adams is Rockin' and Rollin' like you've never heard before! We chatted with Bryan Adams about his his ever-growing popularity.

Q - How'd you get the Kinks tour and have you enjoyed doing it?

A - I've enjoyed it. It's been a real challenge for us because the Kinks' audiences are a very devout lot. I recently found out about the tour through our management and I left it in their hands to secure the dates. I didn't find out actually until three days before we were supposed to play with them.

Q - Why would they select you to open the show?

A - Our record is doing well and because they've worked with our management before and they trust us. You can't get any tours, you can't get anything until your record's doing something.

Q - You told A&M Records, "I'll give you my songs if you release me as an artist." Where did you get the confidence to talk to a big record company like that?

A - I was eighteen and a loudmouth. If I would've been a loudmouth, an eighteen year old punk with no good songs, they would've told me to take a walk. I signed for nothing. I signed for one dollar. That's the way it worked. At the time I needed to prove myself.

Q - Being a Canadian, maybe you could tell me what is going on musically in your country. Why are we seeing so many hit groups and top singers from Canada nowadays?

A - I think it's strictly coincidence. I don't think there's any reason for it at all. I can't think of anything. The songs are good, that's the reason they're making it.

Q - You've made the statement, "I'm not a great guitar player or piano player. Technically, I'm a hack." Why do you put yourself down?

A - Technically, I'm a hack. I don't fuss around with knobs and buttons and amplifiers. I go and plug in. My total theory of what I do is good feel. I feel it. I couldn't tell you the difference between a fader and a volume button. But I sure could tell you if I like it or not.

Q - Do they play quite a bit of American rock on Canadian radio stations?

A - Oh yeah. They have to program thirty percent Canadian music. It's in the regulations. All the music is just as big in Canada as it is here.

Q - What does a new artist need to break out in the current Rock biz?

A - Let's face it, this business is built around songs and songs alone. Radio stations would not play music unless they had good material, record companies would not be in business unless they had good songs. Artists would not be signing, unless there were good songs to sing. A lot of record companies get confused and they figure oh, we got to have a good looking band with lots of equipment and the singer has to have big, rosy lips. Wrong. It starts with songs first.

Q - Any final words for your fans?

A - Just tell them Bryan Adams says you should grab life by the throat. That's exactly what I do. I've always felt if you want something bad enough, you go out and get it.

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