Gary James' Interview With Jimmy Destri Of

Jimmy Destri plays keyboards for Blondie. In just a few years, Blondie has played to sell-out crowds, earned Platinum albums and generated media interest. Now, Jimmy Destri has released his very first solo album, titled "Heart On A Wall". Helping him out are friends Clem Burke, Earl Slick and Debbie Harry.

We spoke with Jimmy Destri in a New York recording studio where he was working on an up-coming Blondie album.

Q - What motivated you to do a solo album?

A - Ego. Raw ego.

Q - Did you ever have a problem getting your material on a Blondie album?

A - No. I've recorded more songs with Blondie than I did on my own album. I do four songs per record.

Q - What instrument to you compose on?

A - Guitar, all the time.

Q - Your uncle was a drummer in Joey Dee's band. You'd watch them rehearse at the Peppermint Lounge. Did you entertain the idea of playing drums?

A - I did at first and I love it, but I just got a little disinterested and got into something else.

Q - Have you ever been asked to play on someone's album?

A - Yes. I was asked to play on David Bowie's album, but I couldn't. We're too close. We're too good friends. As a friend, an artist and a writer myself, I wouldn't take direction. I wouldn't be treated like a studio musician. I told him to get a piano player to play certain things. I'm not that good of a piano player anyway.

Q - Mick Jagger said the Rock music around today is just "recycled past." That having been said, is there any way to sound different?

A - Yes, there is. There are different ways you can do it. You can just not think about the past.

Q - Could there be someone out there who has a different sound?

A - Oh, yeah.

Q - Give me an example.

A - Blondie, "Heart On A Wall". (laughs) We're the only people who don't sound like anybody else.

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